Multiple Listing Discounts

Does your camp currently maintain a paid camper or staff recruitment listing on either or, or are you considering to do so?
For camps with qualifying listings on:
your camp is eligible for a premium listing on at no additional cost, or 50% off the regular rate.

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Multiple listing discounts are valid only in conjunction with qualifying listings (as noted below) and will be verified prior to activation. If you are uncertain whether your camp qualifies for a multiple listing discount, please contact us.

Full Hyperlink Listing
Regularly $99/yr.
1st Tier Rank
Display Multi-Media
Link to Website

Basic Listing
Regularly $49/yr.
1st Tier Rank
Display Multi-Media
Link to Website Not Included

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The term for a premium listing not requiring payment - as a result of a multiple listing discount (above) - will match the existing term of the qualifying paid listing on or The term length for discounted & paid listings on is 12 consecutive months from date of activation.

If you are uncertain about the classification of your camp's existing listing on or, please contact us.

Please contact us if you interested in placing a banner ad in addition to a listing option.

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Listings on are offered as a lead generation service for camp rentals (groups) only and may not include content for either camper or staff recruitment purposes.